Now that once again we have the pleasure of having four distinct seasons, and hence are able to wear a peacoat in the fall for more than three days, once the cold edge sets in we feel renewed pleasure in wallowing in a puffer jacket.

Indeed, the soft, supple, enveloping warmth of walking around in what feels like a soft cloud is the ultimate shield against the harsh winter months made up of blizzard, hail and slush.

In the multi-faceted juggling act lives that we lead, the puffer jacket is your best pass and ally.  It is perfectly adapted to the diverse needs and demands with which our days are filled.

It provides us with ease of movement we need for carpooling or mass transportation. It accommodates us by being light as a feather when we are already weighed down with handbags, laptops and diverse paraphernalia. It has incomparable adaptability to various temperatures as we run from one appointment to the next thanks to the duck down that makes it a thermal insulator. It is always on guard to protect us when we confront various weather conditions ranging from our usual assortment of wet, snowy or just bitter cold options.

And most importantly it has the chic we need for a night out. We can wear whatever our heart desires from an ultra-feminine lace wrap dress to short shorts with a silk top and just throw on our sophisticated puffer coat without a care in the world for the cold night air and prance out the door.

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