The Company

LAMARQUE was founded in 2012 in Montreal’s garment district by third-generation leather tanners, who were one of North America’s largest leather suppliers and pioneers of the Canadian leather industry of the time. LAMARQUE specializes in luxurious leather garments contemporary apparel, and elevated outerwear. LAMARQUE is committed to achieving the essence of urban elegance with each design. Its trademark “effortlessly chic” look and its foundation stem from the iconic perfecto. However, LAMARQUE’s vision and design reach is much more than a leather jacket — it transposes the signature luxury of the brand throughout the entire collection, from polished silk blouses, to classically chic wool coats, refined puffer coats, and everything in between. Each collection stems from a unique creative vision, mixing timeless designs with contemporary trends, colours, and cuts. Each piece is carefully constructed with the final fit and style in mind. LAMARQUE continuously strives to offer modern design edge with every collection, while maintaining an unwavering commitment to outstanding quality. LAMARQUE truly values social responsibility and sustainability. Not only do they have a no-fur policy that they firmly stand behind, but they also use alternative chrome-free tanning methods on most of their leather pieces, considerably reducing the negative environmental impacts of the traditional process. LAMARQUE believes that apparel, particularly leather garments, should not be disposable, but rather treasured, respected, and worn with the utmost pride and appreciation, from now until forever.

The Designer

She joined LAMARQUE in 2010 and was quickly appointed the role of Creative Director. She has repositioned and rebranded what was a classic, heritage leather house known for its traditional craftsmanship rather than for its design innovation, into a label that is now flashing prominently on the fashion radar. Her design vision strives to achieve a balance between contemporary cuts and traditional materials — between trend and timelessness. Always with the LAMARQUE woman in mind, Ifigenia takes her design cues from the latest runways, global street style, and from the natural materials that she has always respected and appreciated, namely leather, shearling, silk and wool. She is known for pushing the envelope in the leather industry, creating styles that are innovative and new. She is constantly traveling between the fashion capitals of the world, tanneries, and mills in search of new materials, colours, textures, and treatments to create her upcoming collections.
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